russian, volleyball and wierd dreams

- vaaaaa iiiis diiis? (pointing in the menu)
- sorbet, it is icecream
- schuuuuuuurbeeeee!?" "fruuut?" (pointing on "served with fruit" and looks like a big questionmark)
- diiiis? (pointing on "cream brulé")

How on earth do you explain what cream brulé is for a russian woman that speeks hardly no english at all!!?? and how do you do it for 14 others? they ended up having schuuuuuuuurbeeeeeee most of them...

We had a company with 15 russian women at the restaurant today, and we only have four english menus and there english was bad. The had speeches, took pictures, ate a little, had more speeches, took more pictures, at a little. It took forever! And they called for me and wanted to have their desserts and coffee, but only half of them were finished with their food. Did they want me to serve every second with desserts, while the rest finished their main course? They where there for almost 4 hours, and I took care of them alone today (the other ones at the restaurant just stays out of the room if there are big english-speaking companies). YES! It makes me soooo happy! And no tip at all! Not a single crown. Thanks.

Didn't help that one of them looked exactely like i imagined one character in "A short history of tractors in Ukrainian". She's just selfish and mean all the time to the old man that the book is about. But the book isn't bad, it has a lot of humor and is interesting anyway.

But it doesn't matter. I had a great day, and the rest of the guests tonight were nice. I like nights like this, when people have many days off from work and they don't hurry around. They eat and talk and tell us about this and that and are just happy and nice.

I spent almost all day at Långö today. Playing beach volleyball with my brother and his friends, laying on the shadow with my dog, and had lunch with mum... a bit away from where my brother and his friends where. Mum's not cool when you're 19. (I am cool enough to play with them!.) And the beach just kept filling up! It was summer on Långö today!

I've also played some guitarr, turned upside down on everything on the attic to find material to the schoolproject and had a great laugh as I read Marias blogg. She wrote about her last night, she woke up many times and turned on the light and started studying at 3am and then fell asleep again and woke up at 5am (thought it was 7am) and didn't understand why the light were turned on and why there where books in her bed! Hahaha. I thought I was confused.

This week I've been totally confused. I listen to a book (CD from the library with "The Girl Who Played With Fire" / "Flickan som lekte med elden" by Stieg Larsson). In this book they jump back and forth between different scenes all the time, and a lot of odd things are happening. I also think about our schoolproject (landscape art in a fenced square 10x10m), and my presentation involeves balls and cubes and colors and wierd materials. I've had a great time with all the relatives and friends visiting, a lot of people and a lot of jokes and interesting discussions. In the beginning of the week I took care of a dog that was barking a few times during the night and woke me up in the middle of my dreams. All this has resulted in me not knowing who said or did what or if anywone said or did anything or if I only dreamt it and whether it happened in or on or without a blue cube. When memories/dreams/discussions that I think I remember somehow involves pinkish cubes and dotted balls I start to wonder... I think I needed those 10h of sleep I got last night. :D (don't worry, no madhouse for me yet, I am exaggerating a little...)

Guess I was tired when I wrote yesterday's blog aswell. Those shoes are not as good-looking today as I thought they were when I found the picture. :P

Today's exercise:

Beach volleyboll!
Serving russian women...


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