Big family and big party!

This time I'll write in English, and there will me mostly pictures. Start with one of me, my brother and out uncle and his wife from Las Vegas. Great having them here, full of energi and enthusiasm. Wonderful having so much family there at the same time and so long time. First guests came around 2pm, and I left the party at 1am, during the day there were around 90 guests. Family, friends, and some old students. There were also a lot of good food and live music (by Malin and Thomas, Moa and Emmy, Marcel, Richard, Bob, dad.. did I miss anyone?).


Simon trying to hold his Adam, Leo playing the piano, Moa, Marcel, Olle and Max having a ballon fight, Olle listening to Marcel playing the piano with a ballon to his ear, Elise and I listening to Richard playing the guitarr, Emmy and I trying to solve some puzzles, Ingrid playing with Matilda. I managed to find pictures of all my bonussisters and bonusbrothers kids!

Kids playing with their cameras?

Dad and Inga Lill singing along to Malin and Thomas singing "Dream, dream, dream".

Enough for now. Have a nice day!

Postat av: sabina

söta bilder!

2009-05-17 @ 11:57:45

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